Press release

School of Visual Arts and Art in Odd Places present: Pedestrian 23

Artist: Julia Nitsberg, resident of SVA Public Art Program, summer 2008

Project title: Add-dressing
Materials: custom designed fitted steel support, post-consumer industrial by-products and objects of mass production, colored balloons.
Project description: interactive installation transforming newly designed 23rd Street trash receptacles by dressing and topping them with fanciful “flower arrangements.”

The proposed project is a half-day performance/event for passersby on the 23rd Street around historically bustling, diverse Flatiron neighborhood undergoing amazing face-lift and burgeoning changes due to late boost in the area real estate development. Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership with former NYPD officer regards “cleanliness” to be the first important initiative, launched the campaign against litter by placing “new weapons” - 116 “custom litter receptacles, shaped like a classic vase throughout the district.

By placing an oversize creative bouquet on top of the trashcan I aspire to catch attention of rushing pedestrians with a universal image of beauty, - flowers, and to assist the designer, who bravely deviated from boring, usually flaring trumpet-shaped-mouth, function-driven classical trash urn. My inspiration was driven from the nearby Flower district with abundant color and scent and from the highbrow art landmark - the Metropolitan Museum of Art beautifully crafted bouquets at the entrance. The new trashcans were underwritten by sponsors, who “are easily identified by prominently placed logos on the rims of each trash basket.” To commemorate their effort I use the colors of logos for my oversize bouquets placed in “vases”, located at sponsor’s entrances. During the installation the rims of each trashcan were superimposed with my own reflection about temporality and perish-ability of beauty vs. the extensive effect of economical impact on socio-political structure of the city.

In exchange for the use of the sponsored receptacles during my project I salute the Flatiron partnership and underwriters by drawing more attention to them by choosing the colors of their logos for my flowers. ADD-DRESSING the sponsored receptacles further rewards the generosity of the underwriters’ original investment in sponsorship.

(*All quotes from Flatiron/23rd Street BID newsletter)

Project location: 23rd Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan presented in association with SVA Public Art Residency Open Studios event.

Project date: Thursday, July 31, 2008
Project duration: 3:00pm-7:00pm
Project objective: negotiations of public property and right of use
Project action/public reaction documentation: photography and video recording
Credits: Anita Galiesta Kendal Henry, Meryl Taragash, SVA, Keren Moscowits, Tower copy, ImaginationDigital, Balloons To Go, Anastasia Kacedan and Justin Silverman
Additional project credit goes to a team of my very supportive friends