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Add-dressing, posters
Public art temporary interactive installation in NYC transforming newly designed 23rd Street trash receptacles by dressing and topping them with fanciful “flower arrangements.” By placing an oversize creative bouquet on top of the trashcan I aspire to catch attention of rushing pedestrians with a universal image of beauty, - flowers: The project was produced in coordination with Art in Odd Places during summer residency at SVA.

Jerusalem terrestrial, Jerusalem celestial
The duality of Jerusalem - above and below - and the connection between the two realms is the general scheme of my installation that embodies the theme of metamorphosis. From Solomon’s Temple of marble and gold, the new Temple is transformed into a Temple of air. Faith and memory comprise the invisible structural core.

D-Day, 2004, silver spray-drawing on black paper, black masking-tape drawing on the wall, detail of the installation East of Eden, at Profound space, NYC

Escalating violence and growing instability around the world inspired these drawings. Tinged with tragedy and humor, they illustrate the turning points in the history of mankind. They pays homage to Keith Haring, the artist who prophesied the end of the Christian era and the beginning of the new paganism.

Urbi et Orbi, (‘To the City and to the World’) 2002-04, preparatory drawings for the WTC Memorial Project.

“Urbi et Orbi, Provocation for a Monument”, is a scale model of the proposed monument for WTC memorial site: Ground Zero. It consists of two major components: an architectural frame that suggests the inverted Mesopotamian ziggurat and a subterranean level that opens into a central court or plaza where the two diamond-shaped towers stand. Located below street level, the chambers and memorial plaza with the towers provide a refuge for meditation in an enclosed and silent space. The design was an attempt to interpret and visualize the concept of Unity for the WTC Memorial Competition.

Post Factum, 2002, was the first installment in a series of Julia Nitsberg’ exhibitions that are reflections on the events and the aftermath of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center – NYC – United States – and the rest of the civilized world.

Room with a View, 1998, pare collages that referenced the ‘Fresh Kill Staten Island Municipal Garbage Dump’ and environmental issues such as man’s careless attitude towards nature and the future.