Anachronisms, 2011-2012, sculptural installation

Anachronisms – is a wall installation that consists of 6 handmade uncut books, each contains the images of old or obsolete cultural artifacts - anachronisms, that can be regarded timeless or out of time. Eventually the book can be finished by cutting the pages with the provided paper knife, - a miniature replica of a period French sword. The artist reflects on her love for old books – "living fossils", bound for extinction in the new era in competition with electronic reading devices. For each book she chose an objects or idea associated with a particular time in history or art history. The uniqueness and complexity of time-consuming monoprint process she employed for her books is deliberately inconsistent with industrial methods and superior technology of contemporary mass-production. However, the image fragmentation style she borrowed from the popular culture.

This series is dedicated to France, it's culture and history.