Press release:

Philadelphia International Institute is pleased to announce: /ˈkaməˌflä(d)ZH/ - a new interactive installation presented as a fashion show of ProFound Spring 2017, that opens Friday, May 5th, at 5pm, and will be followed by the artists’ reception 6-9pm. The exhibition and sale will continue through Saturday, May 26.
The opening ceremony will start with a performance catwalk showing several art-to-wear collections. A procession of models, flanked by two rows of shadows printed on the walls of the gallery, will march down a golden runway through the length of the gallery floor to the accompaniment of classical military marches, cadences and chants mixed with Rock and Roll.

The upcoming multimedia installation is the first collaboration of
Julia Nitsberg and Masha Avina, two New York artists, who share love for found objects and welcome accidents into their intuitive approaches. In their work both frequently cross boundaries between art and design, or art and world of fashion. For their ‘art-to-wear’ collections Nitsberg & Avina used a combination of found objects, unique or mass-produced, and transformed them into clothes and jewelry, either by construction or de-construction, using collage or direct manipulation.
The idea of camouflage as a way to disguise something and to make believe or pretend it to be something else has been often exploited in art and it is not new to fashion. Dubbed
/ˈkaməˌflä(d)ZH/, the collection has overtly historical and literary references combined with social, political and sexual ones. Eclectic by nature, the collection mixes reconstructed but elegantly crafted jackets, parts of military uniforms, playful underwear, avant-garde Laser cut jewelry, printed t-shirts, intricate headpieces, necklaces and rings, most of which will be offered for sale during or at the end of the exhibition.
The installation verged on the edge of art performance, thus, there is no better way to experience it, than watching it live. Do not miss the opening party on May 5th!

PII Gallery, 242 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106; Tel: 1-732-668-4735
Open Thursday-Saturday, 12 - 6 PM and by appointment